Daily Market Review
  • Trump Takes Control

    US president Trump’s inauguration might move markets. Any comments on future fiscal stimulus could impact trading via the reflation trade. After last week’s disappointing press conference, market expectations will probably be low, suggesting potential for a negative reaction in case Trump touches upon the topic. EUR/USD dropped temporary below the 1.06 level as Draghi held […]

  • ECB Holds Course

    The dollar bounced back, Asian and European shares slipped and government bond yields soared to multi-week highs on Thursday after U.S. central bank chief Janet Yellen signaled a path of steady interest rate increases for the world’s largest economy. President-elect Donald Trump told the WSJ that “our currency is too strong. And it is killing us.” […]

  • Markets Prepare For Trump Craziness

    European stocks searched for firm direction Wednesday, as investors sifted through corporate updates, including better-than-anticipated results from ASML Holding NV. The Stoxx Europe 600 was down less than 1 point at 362.28, drifting back from a modest gain of 0.3%. Sectors losing ground included consumer services, financials and industrials, while technology, consumer goods and health […]

  • Hard Brexit

    Theresa May promised a clean break for Britain from the EU. She promised to seek an agreement with the bloc that meant “the freest possible trade” while allowing the UK to “control of the number of people who come to Britain from Europe.” However, she did confirm that both houses of parliament would have a […]

  • All Eyes Are On Theresa May’s Speech

    US markets were closed on Monday to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, but that did not quiet down President elect Trump who continues to take to twitter and attack everyone and anyone who does not agree with him. These attacks and lack of economic policy are causing many to rethink the strength of the US […]

  • UK Prime Minister Could Set The Markets On Fire Tuesday

    A jump in social giant Facebook pushed the Nasdaq to a record high on Friday and the S&P 500 also rose after major U.S. banks kicked off the fourth-quarter earnings season with strong results. Wall Street has surged since President-elect Donald Trump’s unexpected election victory on optimism he will cut corporate taxes, spend on infrastructure and […]

  • Eurozone Perks Up

    The U.S. dollar suffered widespread losses on Thursday after President-elect Donald Trump’s long-awaited news briefing provided little clarity on future fiscal policies, disappointing bulls who had bet on major stimulus. Trump did not mention possible tariffs against Chinese exports, however – a relief for Asian share markets that have feared the outbreak of a global […]

  • Traders Watching Oil Prices Closely

    Wall Street moved with the dollar, while Treasuries retreated as post-U.S. election asset moves stalled a day before Donald Trump is slated to hold a press conference that could provide detail on his policy preferences. The S&P 500 is little changed, while the Dow Jones fell from session highs as investors prepared for the fourth-quarter earnings […]

  • Goodbye Obama, Hello Trump – Are The Markets Ready

    The Dow’s march to 20,000 continued to stall on Monday and Tuesday as investors remained hopeful. The Nasdaq, however, closed at another record high, logging five straight sessions of gains. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hovered near 19,900, while the S&P 500 Index traded 0.4 percent below an all-time high. Treasuries edged lower, while the […]

  • UK Starts To Move Forward With Brexit

    The UK pound fell to a 10-week low after the Prime Minister Theresa May indicated she prioritized regaining control of immigration during Brexit negotiations, while tensions between North and South Korea and debates on constitutional changes in Turkey put an index of developing currencies on track for the steepest drop in three weeks. Telecoms and real […]

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