Trading Assets offers a wide array of assets, right at your fingertips. In fact, there are more than 200 underlying assets from leading exchanges including stocks, commodities, currencies and indices. Best of all, you can trade even when the markets are closed so you never have to miss a profitable opportunity. In addition, our innovative trading technology provides you with real-time price quotes across all markets for the most accurate price execution on every single trade. We give you the power to trade what you want and when you want. Please visit the links below for more information about the assets we offer.      

Currencies trade 24 hours a day which makes them ideal for traders across the globe.  We offer a broad range of currency pairs for our clients.  Many forex traders have turned to binary options, finding that it is much easier to profit from the constant movements of currencies in the global marketplace. When you trade with, you will have access to all the most popular currency pairs such as the EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD.  You’ll also be pleased to find that we’ve included more exotic currency pairs including those from emerging markets such as the Turkish lira and Russian ruble.  We also offer Bitcoin, an increasingly popular digital currency. These currencies can be difficult to trade through the usual forex brokers due to their large spreads but by using our binary options trading platform you never have to worry about spreads.  You can generate a profit even from the smallest movements in the currency markets.

SymbolDate FrameTime FrameExpiry Rule
AUD/CADdaily09:00 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
AUD/CHFdaily06:00 to 19:30(Bid + Ask)/2
AUD/JPYdaily00:00 to 18:00(Bid + Ask)/2
AUD/NZDdaily00:30 to 05:30(Bid + Ask)/2
AUD/USDdaily00:00 to 23:59(Bid + Ask)/2
CAD/JPYdaily00:00 to 18:00(Bid + Ask)/2
EUR/AUDdaily00:00 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
EUR/CADdaily08:00 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
EUR/GBPMon – Fri 01:00 – 19:00(Bid + Ask)/2
EUR/JPYMon – Fri 00:00 – 23:59(Bid + Ask)/2
EUR/RUBdaily07:00 to 13:00(Bid + Ask)/2
EUR/TRYdaily07:30 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
EUR/USDMon – Fri 00:00 – 23:59(Bid + Ask)/2
GBP/AUDdaily04:00 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
GBP/CADdaily05:00 to 19:30(Bid + Ask)/2
GBP/CHFdaily06:00 to 19:30(Bid + Ask)/2
GBP/JPYdaily04:00 to 16:00(Bid + Ask)/2
GBP/USDMon – Fri 02:00 – 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
NZD/CADdaily08:30 to 19:30(Bid + Ask)/2
NZD/JPYdaily00:30 to 10:00(Bid + Ask)/2
NZD/USDMon – Thu00:00 – 23:59(Bid + Ask)/2
USD/CADMon – Fri 7:00 – 19:00(Bid + Ask)/2
USD/CHFMon – Fri 02:00 – 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
USD/JPYMon – Fri 7:00 – 19:00(Bid + Ask)/2
USD/PLNdaily08:00 to 16:00(Bid + Ask)/2
USD/RUBMon – Fri 8:00 – 13:00(Bid + Ask)/2
USD/SGDMon – Fri 1:00 – 9:00(Bid + Ask)/2
USD/TRYMon – Fri 7:30 – 14:30(Bid + Ask)/2
USD/ZARMon – Fri 07:00 – 14:00(Bid + Ask)/2

The global stock markets include thousands of publically traded companies but it can be difficult to generate large sums when trading stocks as they tend to move slowly in price.  In addition, some exchanges make it extremely difficult to sell a stock short or forecast that it will decrease in price.  This is no longer a problem when trading in binary options. has included several dozen of the largest and most popular publically traded companies from around the world. By using our binary options platform you can profit even when these stocks are declining or moving sideways.  In addition, you can earn a profit even from the smallest price advances.  If you have a favorite company or handful of companies you are interested in, it can be easy to determine the general trend of the stock.  With binary options you can profit from multiple trades where you have correctly anticipated price movements.

SymbolReuters CodeTime FrameExpiry Rule
Deutsche bankDBKGn.DE07:00 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
EXXON MOBILXOM.N13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
SANOFI SASASY.PA07:00 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
FIATFIAT07:00 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
MCDONALD’SMCD13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
SANDISKSNDK.OQ13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
SAUDI REFINERIESSARCO10:00 to 12:30(Bid + Ask)/2
UNILEVERUNc.AS07:30 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
AIGAIG13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
ALLIANZALVG.DE07:00 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
3MMMM13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
IBMIBM13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
ANZ BANKANZ.AX13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
VODAFONEVOD7:30 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
AMAZONAMZN.OQ13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
APPLE (US)AAPL.O13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
MICROSOFT (US)MSFT.O15:00 to 19:00(Bid + Ask)/2
BARCLAYSBARC.L7:30 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
BMWBMWG.DE07:00 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
CITI GROUPC.N13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
EBayEBAY.O13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
FACEBOOKFB13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
GOOGLEGOOGL.OQ14:00 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
LINKEDINLNKD13:00 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
QATAR (DSM20).QSI06:30 to 10:00(Bid + Ask)/2

You may not recognize the word indices, but rest assured that you are familiar with these gauges of market sentiment.  An index (singular word for indices) is simply an average of the value of a group of stocks.  Some of the most popular indices include the S&P 500 in the U.S.; the Nikkei in Japan; and the FTSE in London. Trading indices has become increasingly popular for many of the world’s traders as the movement of these large groupings of stocks is much easier to predict using modern technical chart analysis.  When you trade with you will have access to many of the world’s largest stock indices.  You can profit from the broad movements of the general equity markets easily and without committing huge sums of money.  We have made it really simple to trade on global bourses.

SymbolReuters CodeTime FrameExpiry Rule
EURO STOXX 50FEZ.P07:30 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
BOMBAY SEBSESN4:15 to 10:30Reuters Last
CAC (FRANCE)FCHI7:15 to 15:30Reuters Last
DAX (GERMANY)GDAXI7:15 to 15:30Reuters Last
DOW (US)DJI13:40 to 20:00Reuters Last
DUBAIDFMGI13:40 to 20:00Reuters Last
EURO STOXX 50 FSTOXX 07:00 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
FTSE 100 (UK)FTSE6:30 to 14:30Reuters Last
IBEXIBEX7:30 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
KL FUTUREKLIc11:00-4:30,7:00-9:00(Bid + Ask)/2
KOSPIKS1100:00 to 06:00(Bid + Ask)/2
KUWAITKWSE6:20 to 9:20Reuters Last
NASDAQ (US)IXIC15: to 19:00Reuters Last
PSI 20PSI 2007:00 to 15:30(Bid + Ask)/2
S&P 500 (US)SPX13:40 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
SHENZHEN 3001:30 to 7:00(Bid + Ask)/2
SMI-FUTURESMI07:30 to 15: 30(Bid + Ask)/2
SSE180 (SHANGHAI)SSE1807:00 to 8:00Reuters Last
STRAITS TIMESSTRAITS TIMES1:30 to 09:00(Bid + Ask)/2
TADAWUL (SAUDI)TASI8:10 to 12:20Reuters Last
TAIEXTAIEX01:30 to 05:30(Bid + Ask)/2
TOPIXTOPIX00:15-02:30,3:40-6:00(Bid + Ask)/2
VIXVIXC14:00 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2

Commodities are the industrial and agricultural products that are used by companies and individuals on a daily basis.  They include such commonly traded assets as gold and oil, as well as assets which are quite familiar but less commonly understood when it comes to the markets such as sugar, corn and coffee. To participate in these markets, traders historically required large sums of capital, but has made these commodities and others available as binary options so that anyone can profit from market movements.  Because they rely heavily on supply and demand and are typically quite reactive to geopolitical turmoil and natural forces, commodities are known to trend quite strongly.  This behavior makes them ideal assets for binary options traders.   Once a trend is in place in a commodity it is not unusual for it to continue in the same direction for months or even years, making it a simple task to predict the direction the price will take.  When trading commodities through binary options, a trader can profit day in and day out from the trending nature of many commodities.

SymbolReuters CodeTime FrameExpiry Rule
CoffeeCME symbol KT.13:00-18:00None
CornCornAll Day(Bid + Ask)/2
GOLDXAU2:00 to 20:30(Bid + Ask)/2
GOLD VS SILVERGOLD VS SILVER 06:00 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
OIL (LIGHT SWEET CRUDE)CLV12:00 to 20:30(Bid + Ask)/2
PLATINUMXPT10:00 to 20:00(Bid + Ask)/2
SILVERXAG04:00 to 20:30(Bid + Ask)/2
SugarCME symbol YO10:00 to 18:00(Bid + Ask)/2
WHEATWHEAT12:00 to 18:00(Bid + Ask)/2

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