Compliance complies with all anti-money laundering laws and because of this we require several different identification documents from the client upon 72 hours.

First, we require a legal government-issued identification document that also has a picture of the client printed on it.  This document can be a government issued driver’s license (in countries where the primary identification document is a driver’s license), passport or a local identification card.

The second document that is needed is an official bill that has the customer’s actual address and name.  This bill cannot be more than 3 months old and can be a bank statement, utility bill, affidavit or any official document that has the customer’s address and name from a globally-recognized organization.

If the customer uses a credit card to deposit funds, he or she is required to submit a copy of the actual debit/credit card used to fund his or her trading account, showing the full name, expiry date, the last 4 digits on the front, and the signature on the back of the physical card (other details are concealed). Additionally, requires that customers complete and submit to the company a manually-signed credit card declaration form.

Customers must submit up to date and accurate contact and identification information in a timely fashion when changes occur. reserves the right to request from customers any additional documents for proof of identity. This may be necessary for internal compliance, vis-à-vis our anti-money laundering policy before banking transactions.  Identification documents include but are not limited to: driver’s license, passport number, utility bill, header of credit card or bank statement, or photocopy of a legal identification document.

Documents that are written in non-western languages will need to be translated by an official translator into English.  The translation has to be signed and stamped by the translator and then sent with the original document with a picture of the customer on the document.

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Fraud Policy Procedures

The Company does not tolerate fraudulent activity of any kind.  If the Customer has attempted to defraud the Company in any way as determined by the Company then the Customer will be subject to consequences.  The consequences include but are not limited to reversal or payment, chargeback and prohibition from engaging in transactions.  The Company reserves the right to close or suspend the Customer’s account and to provide information about the Client to credit card companies, banks and the proper law enforcement authorities.  The Company can close or cancel arbitrage transactions especially if the quotes were contrasting or not at market prices.  The Company reserves the right to withhold and void all funds if we believe the funds were received during a fraudulent action or activity.  It is forbidden for the Customer to contact or post information to other Customer in an attempt to offer services, products or offers without prior written consent from the Company.

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