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What is Online Trading ?

Online trading is a contract made between a trader and online trading provider, predicting the future price of an asset and profit from a correct prediction.

How to make a Profit ou of Online Trading?

A correct prediction of a price movement in a specific time frame generates a profit. In some forms of online trading, profits might be a several hundred percent higher than initial investment.

What are the Tradable Assets in Online Trading?

We offer a diverse asset list to trade on such as currency pairs, commodities, stocks and indices.

Which Online Trading Metods are Available?

On top of basic online trading methods, we also offer more advanced methods such as short-term trading, long-term trading, touch trading, speed trading and more.

What is an Online Trading Expiry Time?

The duration between starting an online trade and stopping it, when the profit (or loss) is determined. Online trading expiry time is set when the trade starts and ranges between 30 seconds for short-term trade or as long as a whole month for long term trading.

What is an Online Expiry Rate?

Expiry rate is also known as payout. It is the amount that the trade pays at expiry if it meets the contract’s terms.

What are Call/Put Online Trades?

A put online trade is a contract, predicting that an asset’s value will decrease. A call online trading is a contract, predicting that an asset’s value will increase. Both online trades could make a profit for traders.

What is the Time Zone of the Expiry Time?

The time zone of the expiry time is set to the GMT time zone.
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