Mobile Trading

23traders is geared towards traders on the go. Get your 100% safe & secure mobile app for your Android or iOS powered smartphone/tablet. Trade with confidence everywhere you go – with 23traders you can!

  • Access full trading platform
  • Intuitive user interface
  • All types of trading methods
  • Multi Language support

  • Unlike mobile features and tools
  • Monitor your account balance
  • View real-time charts and market data
  • View trading history and closed positions

People today spend a large amount of time on their mobile devices.  We all have circumstances that frequently take us away from home and here at we don’t want that to impact on your trading activity.  In the past you may have missed excellent trade opportunities simply because you weren’t able to be in front of your PC.  However, with our state of the art mobile trading solution this is no longer the case. Our mobile trading platform was designed to be integrated with the web-based trading platform, so no matter which way you choose to trade you will have the same information and the same easy to use trading platform.  Plus, we offer mobile trading apps for both Android and iOS so you can trade regardless of which mobile smartphone or tablet you use. As with everything else in our business, we focus on our clients’ needs to provide the best solution for the maximum number of traders.  Our technology experts are constantly working to improve our mobile trading platform to keep it safe, secure and reliable.

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