Our Story

Our story actually has 23 different beginnings, but one day on 2012, these 23 stories merged into one. 23Traders (Triple T as trader no.12 call us) is an online trading brand, built for traders – by traders.

“How will the ultimate trading brand be like”?

This is the question we presented to 23 online traders on June 2012. We also present it to you here. We gathered 23 traders from different countries, genders, ages and level of experience. They met online (as we like to do things here) for a series of brainstorming sessions and workgroup meetings. As you probably guessed, we decided to name our brand after this innovative group. It took us over 2 years to melt the insights from this fundamental brainstorming into services, trading features, training manuals etc.

Here are the 5 fundamental insights we based our brand upon:

Beginners are more than welcome

We found out many brands are not so beginner-friendly. True, they give some tutorials, but their websites and apps are full of professional terms and tools. Trader no.18 thinks it’s scary… We know in fact that a “beginner” can become a phenomenal trader in matter of weeks. So we have a unique step-by-step course for beginners, helping them to gain experience and keep them from doing rookie mistakes.

Personal trainer is as important as technology

We are very proud of our technology. As an online trading brand, this is one of our advantages. But our traders reminded us that a trader needs a partner in his journey. A human. The interesting fact was that this insight was raised in the experienced traders workgroup. Even the experienced traders needs to hear different ideas, share their strategies, ask for a feedback or train with advanced strategies. Not to mention beginners,who need a mentor to guide them through trading basics, as well as banking and financial procedures. Therefor,we assign a personal trainer or an account manager to each trader, free of charge.

Traders want to anonymously share information

Traders like to know what other traders are doing. Our wisdom of crowd tool, presented on our home page, is one realization of this wish. one of the traders, trader no.22, actually admitted that his favorite strategy is doing the opposite from the majority of traders. This tool gives him the crowd momentum at a glance. We are currently working on another set of cool tools to improve the information sharing between traders.

Variety means more possibilities to profit

Some of us thought that we need to focus on the major trading tools only. But our traders are definitely against it. Most of them wanted the choice of different trading assets and tools. They stressed that they would like to get new assets to try as soon as they appear in the market. Most traders are actually curious, open minded and explorers. We love it! We are constantly looking and developing new trading methods, tools and assets, so you will have all the market innovations at your fingertips.

Never miss an opportunity

Online trading is all about capturing a sneaky opportunity at the right time. When our 23 pioneers talked about significant moments in their past, many of them mentioned missed opportunities. When we elaborated on these notions, we understood that it is all about access to information in real time – and access to the trading platform to turn information into action. Our multi platform trading tools allows you to get information and take actions anywhere,anytime: on desktop computers, laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones – 24/7.

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