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To profit from a Call/Put online trading instrument, all you have to do is determine whether an asset’s value would go up or down in a given time frame. These instruments are also known as high/low online trades. These instruments are also the most popular among traders as they have the power to make significant benefits, as the expiry time could vary from 30 seconds to a whole month.

Forex (also abbreviated FX) stands for foreign exchange and it is a market that allows you to trade currencies.  This market establishes the value of currencies by comparing their performance against other currencies.  Currency conversion is part of the forex market and it is important for international trade but this market also allows you to speculate on the value of currencies.  When you trade currencies, you will always trade them in pairs because their value is relative.  Some of the most common pairs include USD/GBP, USD/EUR and GBP/EUR. A CFD, also called Contract For Difference, allows you to easily trade shares or other types of assets by simply selling or purchasing a contract at the quote price.  This contract states there will be an exchange of the difference in value of a particular financial instrument between the time the contract is opened and closed.  That means that you will choose the asset you want to trade but instead of making a full purchase, you open a CFD.  The contract you opened will replicate the profit/loss of your purchase.  This trading method gives you more leverage over your investment capital than other trading methods. We offer CFDs and FX trading for your convenience and you’ll find these to be exciting trading options!

Short term financial instruments follow the same rules as Call/Put trades, alas these kinds of trades could expire in 30 seconds or 300 seconds the most. It is a high paced online trading method for traders who are comfortable with determining an asset’s value in a matter of minutes than of hours or days. This kind of trade has a potential for big profits in a very short time. Confident traders are more than welcome to explore this option.

A financial instrument with an expiry date that is longer than more than one session. As in Call/Put instruments, a trader predicts what would happen to an asset’s value, whether it would go up or down at time of expiry. This kind of instrument requires a long-time frame that could extend to a week or even a month. Some traders find using long term instruments easier, as they can follow trending assets and benefit a bigger payout.

Some of traders prefer One Touch instrument, as it does not require determining whether an asset’s value would go up or down. Instead, a trader sets a target value to the asset. If it reaches the expected value within the time frame of the instrument, the trader would make a profit.

One Touch instrument has distinct features:

24/7 trading, including holidays, weekends and other times when markets are closed.

Payout could be anywhere between 300% to 700% from initial investment.

One Touch instruments are available for both daily and weekly trades.

All One Touch instruments expire at the first Friday following their purchase. The trading platform surveys the system, checking whether the asset has reached its target price, every day at 17:00 GMT. If an asset has met the target on any day at 17:00, the trade will be kept open and will finish in the money, generating the trader a profit. Note that you’d be able to purchase One Touch instrument between 00:00-13:00 GMT Monday to Friday. During the weekend this instrument is available for trade from Friday 21:00 GMT until Sunday 19:00 GMT.

Most online trading instruments asks the traders to determine the movement of an asset. Pairs instrument works in a different way. A trader is asked to predict the relative movements of two different assets, usually stocks. A trader could open a pair with Twitter’s and Facebook’s stocks, then he would decide which stock would perform better over the duration position’s duration. A correct predication is a winning one. This is a great choice for traders who prefer to focus their attention on just two assets.

Traders can utilize the Ladder trading method to hedge their financial portfolios. In order to use this method, it is important to determine whether the price of the asset will move up the ladder or down the ladder. There are price rows in intervals and traders must make the assessment as to where the asset price will stop on the price levels by the time of expiry. The Ladder trading method is otherwise known as a target trading strategy. To get started with the Ladder method, the following steps need to be taken:

Select your Asset

Pick and Expiry Time

Choose the Amount to Trade

Pick a Target Price and the Direction Above/Below the price level

The Ladder trading method has a high payout percentage, and it allows traders to initiate multiple trades on the same asset simultaneously. Timing is the most applicable strategy in the Ladder method. A sound understanding of current market conditions bodes well for this trading method.

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