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Top technology for security, reliability and availability

23Traders believes that the security of our clients’ information is a top priority.  We have invested in top technology solutions as well as security professionals and employee training to ensure all transactions are secure and reliable.  We use the most advanced encryption protocols and secure firewalls to keep all of your data safe.

Recommendations and guidelines for using this site

Encrypted communications

Always verify that a closed lock icon is shown in the upper section of the page. This symbol will appear when you execute transactions in your account. Verify that the issuing organization is “Thawte”.


The system is accessed with a username and password that is unique to your account. Never provide anyone else with your username and/or password.  Additionally, it is recommended that you only login using your personal computer on a private network as public networks and computers are not secure.

Our customer support personnel will never ask you for your password and you should never give out your password to anyone under any circumstances.  If you receive correspondence asking for your password, notify the customer service department immediately.

We recommend that you do not write down your username and password, but if you do write it down you should save it in a different location from your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Password Selection – Do not use common words for your password.  It is best if you use a random selection of letters, special characters and numbers, and the password should be a minimum of 8 characters long.

Password Replacement – If you ever believe that another person has gained access to your password you should change it immediately.  Otherwise you should routinely change your password every three months.

Ending a System Session

Always end your session and exit the system by clicking the logout button.

Information Security Resources in 23Traders System

At 23Traders we use Secure Socket layer (SSL) encryption to ensure the highest security for your financial and personal details submitted to us over the internet. Customers are protected with 128-bit SSL encryption, the same security technology used by all reputable online companies. Additionally, all 23Traders servers are protected with a high-end enterprise-level firewall, ensuring that no one can gain access to our clients’ sensitive information.

23Traders constantly monitors and controls system communications, and all activities within the system are logged.  Our information security experts routinely conduct security checks to verify the integrity of the system.

AML – Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering Definition

Money laundering is the act of conducting a financial transaction or series of financial transactions with the aim of concealing money that has been obtained through unlawful sources through illegal activities.  There are a variety of laws and regulations pertaining to anti-money laundering and the obligations of businesses such as to monitor and identify any money laundering activities or attempts.  We take this obligation very seriously and will not approve any transaction or act that could be considered in violation of these anti-money laundering laws and regulations.

AML Policy Objectives

23Traders is fully committed to the enforcement of money laundering laws and regulations as part of its normal work processes.

23Traders continually monitors changes in anti-money laundering laws and regulations as well as any developments in money laundering.

23Traders has an obligation to inform its clients of any anti-money laundering laws and regulations in an effort to minimize the impact of such laws and regulations on legitimate clients and provide them with the best possible service.


In order to comply with the international anti-laundering and Funding of Terrorism Regulations 23Traders will provide:

•  A compliance officer who is responsible for all duties and guidelines necessary to prevent money-laundering;

•  Ongoing training for all relevant employees to ensure they are all aware of their various responsibilities in fighting money laundering;

•  An updated copy of this AML policy at all times;

•  A clear explanation of the documents we require from clients to verify their identity and maintain compliance with all AML laws and regulations;

•  Reports to the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit regarding any suspicious money transactions that could be considered potential money laundering.

This policy is an essential part of 23Traders terms and conditions. By using this site you agree to its terms and conditions and are therefore obligated to its anti-money laundering statement.

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