Our traders success stories

  • Julia R. Australia
    Thanks for helping!
    Took the free education package and it really helped me out. They showed me how to trade, what to look for and even guided me through my first trades. I wanted to start big but the guys here told me to start small until I gained experience. Thanks for helping!
  • Brian L. Australia
    Thanks guys for a great experience.
    I always wanted to trade online. My experience with 23Traders was great, and although eventually I found out that I am not built for this rollercoaster – I enjoyed every trade and highly recommend anyone to give it a go.
  • Umma A. Nigeria
    Trading has become my salary.
    Thank you James from 23Traders! With your smart guidance I learned a lot about trading, I now understand it on a completely different level. Thanks to you I have a second income – sometimes even more than my salary!
  • Jagge F. Nigeria
    $1100 a day!
    Guys. don’t get frustrated quickly and don’t rush. I lost my first 3 trades. I admit I was a bit impulsive. My account manager called me up and analyzed my mistakes with me. Glad I listened, because then I earned $1100 profit the next day.
  • Aiyegbusi B. Nigeria
    If I can do it - anyone can.
    I only have a high school education and was never good with numbers – or money. But I managed to learn pretty quickly – and I did some really nice trades (I once earned over $765 in 1 minute :). If I can do it – anyone can.
  • Fadi A. Saudi Arabia
    I received excellent tutoring.
    I started trading slowly. First I learned the basics, and then I received excellent tutoring by one of the 23Traders coaches. He taught me everything I needed to know in order to earn profit. Now I trade on my own and earn every month.
  • Almir L. Kuwait
    It was an interesting experience
    Hearing all the stories about people who have successfully become online traders made me want to see if I could do it too. I traded for two weeks, but realized that it is not for me. I didn’t have the patience to learn how to do it. It was an interesting experience.
  • Joshua N. Australia
    Extra income with online trading.
    As a journalist, news is a big part of my day. Every day I follow world news and events, because I have to stay informed. Three weeks ago, I found out that news could help me earn extra income with online trading. Knowing about important events helps me make better investing decisions. It’s a great tool.
  • Chris K. Nigeria
    started trading online with only $250.
    I am not a financial expert, but I know that investments could be a great opportunity to earn an extra income. My bank told me that I don’t have enough to invest with them. So I started trading online with only $250. Now I invest whenever I want and don’t have to pay commissions or extra taxes.
  • Lucy M. Australia
    It's never too late to learn.
    Why did I start trading at 46? Because it’s never too late to learn how to invest. Being 46, I now have better decision making skills and more patience, which has helped me become a better online investor. I think that trading has more to do with personal skills rather than financial knowledge.
  • Muhammad R. Qatar
    30 minutes a day.
    I remember the first thing my personal account manager told me when joining 23Traders: – Trading is not you full time job. So, I scheduled 30 minutes a day to invest online. I think thus us the main advantage of online trading: it gives you the freedom to choose when and how often to trade.
  • Ahmet D. Turkey
    It was worth the time and the effort.
    It wasn’t easy for me to learn how to trade online, but it was worth the time and the effort. It took me two weeks and 60 minutes of Regular sessions with my personal account manager to learn how to trade. A month later I am still trading with the help of my account manager and earning profits
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